Patricia Sánchez Velázquez

Our PhD project is based on an innovative use of the irreversible electroporation (IRE) as ablative method of liver metastasis in an “in vivo” murine model.
The IRE is known to be an ablative technique for diverse type of tumors, which has the benefit of preserve the cellular architecture (by altering the cytoskeleton, pores are formed in the cell membrane, this leads an increase of the permeability of the same, and with sufficient intensity become in cell apoptosis), as opposed to radiofrequency which has a thermal tissue damage. Shall be added it is not influenced by the "heat sink effect", so could prevent tumor recurrence near the vessels.
On this basis, the aim of our project is to increase the selectivity of IRE on tumor tissue, preserving the highest proportion of healthy tissue, with consequent advantages this will have for clinical practice.